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About easa

EASA is a professional association open to all social anthropologists either qualified in, or else working in, Europe. It is a society of scholarship, founded on January 14th, 1989 at the "Inaugural General Assembly" in Castelgandolfo/Italy of twenty-one founder members from thirteen European countries and one from the US, supported by the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research. This meeting drafted the Constitution and elected the Association's first Executive Committee (1989-90), chaired by Prof. Adam Kuper, Brunel University.

The Association seeks to advance anthropology in Europe by organizing biennial conferences, by editing its academic journal Social Anthropology/Anthropologie Sociale, its Newsletter and the two publication series. The Association further encourages and supports thematic networks.

EASA is a self-governing democratic body. No member may be elected to office more than twice in succession; the only exception are up to two members co-opted by the elected Executive so as to ensure the continuity of EASA's administrative and publishing functions. The composition of the successive Executive Committees shows the pan-European character of EASA.

Executive Committee 2013 and 2014

Noel Salazar, University of Leuven, President
Jeanette Edwards, University of Manchester, Vice-president
Abdullahi El-Tom, National University of Ireland, Maynooth
Hana Cervinkova, University of Lower Silesia
Susana Narotzky, Universitat de Barcelona, Networks liaison
Rachael Gooberman-Hill, University of Bristol, Treasurer
Mark Maguire, National University of Ireland, Maynooth Journal Co-Editor
Alberto Corsin Jimenez, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Secretary


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