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EASA is a member of


Networks: Anthropology and Mobility network (ANTHROMOB)

The EASA Anthropology and Mobility Network (ANTHROMOB) was launched in 2010 during the 11th Biennial Conference in Maynooth, Ireland by Noel Salazar (). The initial business meeting was attended by over 50 anthropologists from countries as diverse as Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

The network aims to facilitate theoretical and methodological exchanges on anthropology and mobility. It not only fosters intellectually stimulating debates among anthropologists working on mobility along various thematic and conceptual lines, but also creates exciting opportunities for meetings, collaborative research and publications.

To join the network mailing list please visit and follow the instructions there. You can also email one of the network co-convenors, enclosing a paragraph on your research interests, and ask to be subscribed to the list: Jamie Coates at jamie.coates(at), or Roger Norum at roger.norum(at)

E-seminar series
Welcome to the Mobility and Anthropology E-Seminar series. The series is intended to encourage fruitful critical discussion around network members' work, and should serve as a useful forum for members to obtain feedback from colleagues about ideas and issues they are currently working on.

Each e-seminar lasts just over two weeks, beginning on a Friday and ending on a Monday. All communication happens via the current e-mail listserv we all use to post messages. Several days after the paper is first posted to all members for download, we begin with an email from the discussant, who will offer insights into some of the fundamental and important contributions of the paper, pointing out issues that might benefit from further clarification. Following this posted response, we offer the author an opportunity to respond to the discussant's initial comments. Once the author's response goes up online, the e-seminar then opens up to anyone on the list to post their thoughts on the paper and on the points raised by the discussant.

We do not follow any strict moderation of the discussion, though if moves significantly off-topic into less-than-relevant territory, we try to steer people back on course. As the seminar is meant to serve as an opportunity to get to know various members' research, writings and ideas, it works best if everyone reads the paper thoroughly before posting a response. Once each e-seminar has finished, we archive the paper and all discussions around it in PDF format, which are made available on the web site.

If you would like to put up a paper for consideration for the e-seminar, or if you have any questions about how it works, please email the network's convenors, Jamie Coates at , or Roger Norum at ..