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Anthropology of Law and Rights

This network serves as a platform for exchange and collaboration for EASA members who are interested in law and rights discourses. Due to the rise of human rights discourse and expansion of social and cultural anthropology in new fields legal anthropology has experienced a ‘welcome, exciting renaissance’ (John Comaroff, 2006). In recent years, the anthropological study of law in its socio-cultural and political context has been branching out from the study of disputes and social ordering in non-Western societies in new areas to include

To facilitate discussions and the development of exciting, cutting-edge research the EASA network on the anthropology of law and rights maintains an active mailing list sharing information on publications, vacancies, funding opportunities and events. In addition, to the biannual EASA conference the network plans to hold regular workshops across Europe.

The network is keen to reach out to other associations and networks. For instance, it maintains a close relationship with the Commission of Legal Pluralism and Allegra, the virtual lab of legal anthropology.

For further information please contact Gerhard Anders, University of Edinburgh.