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EASA is a member of


Networks: Teaching anthropology network

The professional lives of European Social Anthropologists cover a wide terrain, but teaching is an important common denominator to which many devote a great deal of time, energy and creativity. It is through teaching and learning that new generations of anthropologists are formed under conditions that are constantly evolving: student enrolment has increased, fieldwork sites and topics are becoming more varied, and university reforms affect the environment of teaching and learning.

TAN panel at EASA2014: call for papers
The Uses of Internet Technologies in Teaching Anthropology

The network is convening a panel during the EASA biennial in Tallinn this summer, and the call for papers is open.

Short abstract: The internet has greatly affected the conditions for teaching and learning anthropology being both a tool of democratization and participation and a source of alienation. In this workshop we invite people to reflect on and share their experiences of using I-technologies in teaching anthropology..

Go to the panel page to read the long abstract and propose a paper >>

The Teaching Anthropology Network (TAN) aims to focus discussion on the problems and potentials of teaching and learning anthropology in the twenty-first century. It organises and publicises events, and provides information about relevant resources and publications. Read more about the network's aims.

A useful way of receiving news is to subscribe to the mailing list - EASA members and others interested in teaching and learning anthropology are invited to subscribe.

If you have suggestions, ideas or comments about TAN activities, please contact:
Jakob Krause-Jensen (Convenor, TAN)
Department of Education, Aarhus University, Denmark
E: jakj(at)
T: +4587163858

The current members of TAN’s Board are:
Jakob Krause-Jensen (Aarhus University, Denmark, convenor)
Ioana Bunescu (Malmö University, Sweden)
Dimitrina Spencer (University of Oxford, England, editor of Teaching Anthropology)
Paulina Mihailova (University of Stockholm, Sweden)
Sue Wright (Aarhus University, Denmark, editor of Learning & Teaching)
Robert Gibb (Glasgow University, Scotland)
Deivida Vandzinskaite (Siauliai University, Lithuania)