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Subject: NAFA2017

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Dear list,
This is a reminder that the deadline for film submissions for this year's NAFA festival is 3 March. This is the link to the online submission form: http://nafa.uib.no/?q=festival

The dedicated website for this year's event is also up and running but still being developed: http://www.nafa-2017.dk<http://www.nafa-2017.dk/>



Peter I. Crawford

Chairman of the NAFA 2017 Film Selection Committee

c/o Intervention Press

P.O. Box 5020

DK-8100 Aarhus


Ph.: +45 8627 2333, +45 87162994

E-mail: info@intervention.dk and/or pcrawford@cas.au.dk


http://www.nafa-2017.dk/ , http://nafa.uib.no/?q=festival

Peter I. Crawford

Camera as Cultural Critique Research Programme

Department of Culture and Society

Aarhus University

Moesgård Alle 20


DK-8270 Højbjerg


Direct ph.: +45 8716 2994

E-mail: pcrawford@cas.au.dk

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