Info for authors (and convenors)

Crisis and imagination

The Call for Papers is now closed.


Editing your abstract

Please note that you have until the 18th of July to ensure your abstract is ready for print. To edit your abstract, use the login link at the bottom of the navigation bar on the left. Once you are in Cocoa, click on the title of your paper to see the details. This year we are not using the Short abstract - so please leave this field blank. Please limit the abstract in the Long abstract field, to 150 words, despite what it might say there. This abstract will appear in the conference programme.

Uploading/pre-circulating your paper

You are welcome but not obliged by EASA to pre-circulate your paper. Convenors may request that you do this. The easiest way to do this is to upload a PDF of your paper in Cocoa. Once logged in and looking at your paper details you will see a field for uploading your file. You cannot upload a Word document. If you do not know how to generate a PDF from Word, there is help available next to this field in Cocoa. The PDF should be no more than 1MB in size - so shrink or ditch the images! Once uploaded the PDF will be available for download, beneath your abstract, on the public workshop pages on this site.

You may choose to upload a PDF of your paper after the conference. The workshop pages remain online after the event, so this is a way of giving stronger web presence to your contribution.

Timing of presentations

This is a convenor decision. The EASA norm is that each presenter will be given a maximum of 30 minutes - usually 20 minutes presenting and 10 minutes for questions/discussion. However this year some workshops will hold 4 papers per session, not 3 - so please check with your convenors over how they are allocating the time.


All rooms will have computers and data projectors, so all PowerPoint fans will be happy. Please note that these run Windows XP and Powerpoint 2003 - so if you are using a Mac or the wonderful Office 2007, please save your files in the older Windows format to a USB memory stick, and if possible check them on a Windows machine before you come! Take care if using images or video, to ensure you have embedded the files correctly. The Maynooth computers have both Windows Media Player and Quicktime installed, with speakers and amplifiers attached.

You will not be able to attach your own computer to the University's data projectors. Please upload any files you intend to use, from your memory stick to the desktop in the five-ten minutes before your session - as they will function faster that way.

If you have other technology needs for your presentation you must indicate this in Cocoa.

Your name, affiliation and badge

Your name and institutional affiliation are listed on the workshop pages. This is information you have input and it is the information which will be placed on your name badge during the conference. If you are not happy with this, it is up to you to edit that from within Cocoa.



Editing your abstract(s)

We will export the content of our online system to print in mid-July. Please look over the public page for your workshop on this site. If you wish to edit your workshop title or abstract, you can do that through Cocoa. You may not realise it, but you can also edit the papers which are part of your workshop. You have overall responsibility for the content of your workshop and how it's presented, so do please edit/proof it all before the 18th of July.

We are only using the Long abstract field, and the paper/workshop abstracts should be no more than 150 words.

Chair and discussants

You can enter the names of any chairs or discussants, within the workshop details in Cocoa. Please use the convention of Firstname Lastname (Insitution). If these roles are to be taken by convenors, then please do not enter your own names there - as it's implicit that this will be the case where other names are not listed.

Ordering papers

The papers within your workshop will appear in the order in which they were proposed, unless you input an order. Many convenors forget to do this - so please check by logging into Cocoa, and drilling down to the detail of your workshop. Alongside each accepted paper you should indicate a number - which denotes its position in the workshop. This is important for delegates who try to see particular presentations.

Pre-circulation of papers

EASA has no rule about this; however many convenors are keen to pre-circulate completed papers. To facilitate this and save on loads of email traffic, authors can upload PDFs of their papers within Cocoa, which will then show as a downloadable file beneath their abstract on the public workshop page on this site. It is your choice whether you instruct your presenters to make use of this.

Timing of presentations

How you allocate the time of your sessions is largely your decision. The EASA norm is to allot each presenter a maximum of 30 minutes (for presentation and questions/discussion), but some workshops have higher densities this year. The key is to respect the fact that many presenters have travelled a long way in order to be able to contribute and clearly need time to set out their argument.

We are unable to represent specific intra-workshop timings in our programme. Delegates reading the conference book will have to work on the assumption that papers will be evenly distributed through the workshop. Clearly you may wish to amalgamate discussion time, but where possible please try to stick to this even distribution.

With this in mind, author no-shows clearly mess up workshop timings (and upset panel-hoppers!), so before the 18th of July please chase up your presenters and check that they are all registered and committed to attending.


Authors and convenors

Communication between authors/convenors

Convenor/author email addresses are not shown on the workshop pages for anti-spam reasons. However there is an in-built secure email messaging system. If you cannot work that, please email conference(at) to obtain relevant email addresses.

The dreaded rules!

Delegates may only make one presentation, although they may also convene one plenary session, workshop, or roundtable; or be discussant in one plenary session, workshop, or roundtable. All convenors and presenters must be members of EASA (during 2010), and have paid their subscription before the conference - click here to join EASA.

Any queries with the above please email conference(at)