15th EASA Biennial Conference
Staying, Moving, Settling
Stockholm University
14-17 August, 2018

Information for authors and convenors

The Call for Papers is now closed and decisions on papers have been made. We have asked panel convenors to email all paper proposers, but if you have not received an email about the fate of your paper, you can always check the result be logging in on the conference website.

Multiple submissions

Please note that an individual is not permitted to present more than one paper (it is allowed to be a co-author in more papers, as long as one is not presenting those). Once the papers have been marked up, all those who submitted multiple proposals will have t and inform us which paper(s) they wish to withdraw.

Multiple roles in the conference

Each participant is permitted to present a paper once, convene once (either a lab or a panel), be a discussant once (in a panel, lab or roundtable), be a chair once (in a panel, lab, or roundtable). Please note that roundtable participants are considered discussants.

EASA membership

Signing up for the membership and paying the membership fee is a separate process from conference registration.
All authors and panel convenors must be members of EASA (during 2018) by the time they register and have paid their subscription before the conference, but one does not have be a member yet in order to propose a paper and have it accepted. There will be a financial incentive to become an EASA member for all delegates, as non-members will pay a higher registration fee. Read more about membership categories here.

NB! If you are a former member of EASA but your membership has lapsed, please log in to Cocoa to request a membership renewal. Please do not make another application for membership!

Adding co-authors

Co-authors and co-convenors get added manually by the conference administrators based on the co-author names and email addresses submitted during the paper proposal process. If the author/convenor is not in our system (Cocoa), we will email them with the request to add their details. In order for our emails requesting contact details not to be treated as spam, please remember to inform your co-authors that you have submitted a co-authored contribution and wish for their name to appear alongside yours and that the conference organisers will be getting in touch with them.

Transfer process

Papers which are neither accepted nor rejected, but marked for 'transfer', will be given the opportunity to be re-housed into other panels. The conference organisers will contact the authors of the proposals set to transfer and ask them to modify their abstracts to fit another panel of their choosing. We will supply the authors with the list of panels that still have space for additional papers (panels containing fewer than the allowed maximum - 10).

The authors will then inform us of two panels they would like to apply to (in order of preference). We then forward the title, short and long abstracts to the convenors and ask them to consider the proposal. If the first panel rejects the proposal, we contact the second choice. Transfers which get rejected by both panels will then be set to 'rejected'. We aim to resolve all transfers by May 11.

Useful information for later in this process

Convenors: use Cocoa to manage your panel
Convenors should login from the login link in the toolbar above to manage paper proposals, state any specific timing requests for their panel, add the names of chairs/discussants and place the papers in order. If an author emails to withdraw their paper, the paper should be marked as 'Withdrawn' in the login environment and the conference admin notified.

Authors: editing your paper
Paper authors can use the login link in the toolbar above to edit their proposals.

Pre-circulation of papers
EASA has no rule about this; however many convenors are keen to pre-circulate completed papers. To facilitate this and save on email traffic, if requested by convenors, authors can upload PDFs of their papers within the online system, which will then show as a downloadable file beneath their abstract on the public panel page on this site.

Timing of presentations
Each panel/workshop session slot will be 105 minutes long, accommodating a maximum of 5 presenters. Convenors should allot each presenter a maximum of 15+5 mins for panels of 5 papers but 20+5 mins for panels of 4 papers.

Communication between authors/convenors
Convenor/author email addresses are not shown on the panel pages for anti-spam reasons. However there is an in-built secure email messaging system. If you cannot work that, please email conference(at)easaonline.org to obtain relevant email addresses.

Any queries with the above please email .