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EASA2020 logo16th EASA Biennial Conference
New anthropological horizons in and beyond Europe
21-24 July 2020 in Lisbon
ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon and ICS-Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon

Information regarding visas

Many colleagues will need to apply for visas in order to enter Portugal (EU). While it is possible to download a letter of acceptance (see below) we can supply an additional letter, on University headed paper, signed by the Associate Professor of Anthropology department, tailored to the needs of the visa authorities.

Acceptance letters

Formal acceptance letters (signed pdfs on headed paper) can be downloaded from the login environment (the head icon), if you've had a panel or paper accepted within the conference programme. Log in, proceed past your contact details with the "Proceed" button (located under the contact fields) and then scroll through to your panel/paper. There will be an encircled 'A' at the end of the panel/paper title line. Click on this, download the pdf and print your letter. Please note that we do not send such letters by post.

Letters of support for visa applications

Colleagues applying for visas from outside EU can obtain an additional letter aimed specifically at the visa authorities. In order to provide this letter, we will need delegates to provide some passport data via our online form (see below). We will then email a link to a signed, headed, letter PDF file.

Advice on visa applications

Different countries have slightly different arrangement for the visa application process. You can identify your closest diplomatic representation along with details for the application through the Portugese Foreign Ministry webapage: https://www.portaldascomunidades.mne.pt/pt/. While the main page is in Portugese, once you choose you country of origin other language options appear (or use Google translate!).

Please note: visa application processing in the consulate normally takes 15 days. This period may extend to 30 days and, exceptionally, 60 days, if a more detailed examination of an application and/or additional documents are required. Apply early and make sure you include ALL the required documents (varies by country of origin).

Make sure you have travel medical insurance covering emergency medical, hospitalisation and repatriation (including in case of death). The minimum cover should be €30,000. This insurance must be valid for the entire Schengen area and throughout the duration of your stay.

Opening Early Bird registration has been postponed to 15 April. Please see here for COVID-19/Coronavirus situation update.

Proceed to the online form

Any queries with the above please email conference(at)easaonline.org.