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Message posted on 14/02/2019

IUAES 2019 Panel: (Im)Mobilising Longing: subversive potentials and seductive snares between distance and desire

Dear Colleagues, =C2=A0 =C2=A0We would like to invite you to submit paper proposals to the IUAES 20= 19 panel on (Im)Mobilising Longing: subversive potentials and seductive sna= res between distance and desire. The deadline is soon - 15 February 2019. =C2=A0 (Im)Mobilising Longing: subversive potentials and seductive snares between = distance and desire Abstract Practices, trajectories, and places of longing are keys to the imaginative = horizons (Crapanzano, 2003) and the alternative utopias (Kiossev, 2013) of = individuals and societies. Yet, if =E2=80=9Cbelonging=E2=80=9D holds a prom= inent place in contemporary Anthropology, the notion of =E2=80=9Clonging=E2= =80=9D has tended to appear in a more marginal position. This panel further= s a recent shift of perspective from belonging to longing that research on = nostalgia, on hope and yearning, or on tourism and migrant imaginaries has = initiated in the past years. We invite presenters to address longing as a human strategy, cultural techn= ique, affective and possibly spiritual engagement with the world =E2=80=93 = one that operates across time and space and is able to transcend them throu= gh a negotiation between distance and desire. This panel suggests a reflect= ion on global practices of longing and their moral, political, economic, an= d spiritual trajectories in the light of desired change, necessary resistan= ce, experienced loss, and regimes of consumption (of mobility, imaginaries,= romance). In the light of the overall conference theme of =E2=80=9Cworld solidarity= =E2=80=9D, longing has particular relevance =E2=80=93 acts of solidarity of= ten occur hand in hand with shared senses or traditions of longing. Deepeni= ng the link with the congress theme, we call contributors to consider the s= ubversive potential of longing, the seductive traps that longing can create= , and the mobilizing capacity of longing for individuals and societies. We particularly welcome papers that explore longing as intersection of pers= onal experiences, cultural environments of longing (eg. Sehnsucht, saudade,= dor, akogare), and global narratives (incl. tourism, consumption, neoliber= alism). Key words Affect, Imagination, Utopia, Nostalgia, Resistance Convenors Hannah Wadle and Lukasz Kaczmarek

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