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Message posted on 25/06/2019

Fw: Immigration, Cultural Participation and New Forms of Political Solidarity: Global Perspectives

Apologies for cross posting.


International Conference

=C2=A0Immigration, Cultural Participation and New Forms of Political Solida= rity:

Global Perspectives

University of Li=C3=A8ge, Li=C3=A8ge (Belgium)

The full programme and registration form and the logistical =C2=A0details a= re =C2=A0is now available at : http://blogs.ulg.ac.be/arts-minorites/en/immigration-cultural-participation= -and-new-forms-of-political-solidarity-global-perspectives/

EXPERIENCE =C2=A0THE FALL IN Li=C3=A8ge ! =20 Elsa Mescoli

Chercheuse postdoctorale et Ma=C3=AEtre de conf=C3=A9rences CEDEM - Centre d=E2=80=99=C3=A9tudes de l=E2=80=99ethnicit=C3=A9 et des mig= rations LASC - Laboratoire d'anthropologie sociale et culturelle

Universit=C3=A9 de Li=C3=A8ge, Facult=C3=A9 des Sciences Sociales Place des orateurs 3 (Quartier Agora), b=C3=A2t. 31, bte 24 4000 Li=C3=A8ge - Belgique T=C3=A9l. : 00 32 4 366 30 51=20

http://labos.ulg.ac.be/cedem/en/introduction/staff/elsa-mescoli/ https://www.lasc.uliege.be/cms/c_3366094/en/mescoli-elsa http://orbi.ulg.ac.be/simple-search?query=3Dmescoli =20

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