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Message posted on 10/07/2019

Migration and Society Vol 2

Dear Colleague,

The latest volume of Migration and Society has published! =

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Volume 2: African-European Trajectories of Im/mobility: Exploring Entanglem= ents of Experiences, Legacies, and Regimes of Contemporary Migration

Editorial Mette Louise Berg, Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh and Johanna Waters http://bit.ly/2ScSh2s =


I. SPECIAL SECTION Introduction Jelena To=B9i=E6 and Annika Lems http://bit.ly/2G74PDu =

Migration as Survival: Withheld Stories and the Limits of Ethnographic Know= ability Gerhild Perl http://bit.ly/2Jqd3sm =

Moving-with-Others: Restoring Viable Relations in Emigrant Gambia Paolo Gaibazzi http://bit.ly/2xDVw9y =

"Looking for One's Life": Trapped Mobilities and Adventure in Morocco S=E9bastien Bachelet http://bit.ly/2S5gCah =

The Long Homecoming: Ghanaian Migrant Business and Power in Veneto, Italy Hans Lucht http://bit.ly/32jDGqo =

"My Visa Application Was Denied, I Decided to Go Anyway": Interpreting, Exp= eriencing, and Contesting Visa Policies and the (Im)mobility Regime in Alge= ria Farida Souiah http://bit.ly/2LJhMXT =

II. PEOPLE AND PLACES: Hostile Environments "Windrush Generation" and "Hostile Environment": Symbols and Lived Experien= ces in Caribbean Migration to the UK Huon Wardle and Laura Obermuller http://bit.ly/2ISQQ68 =

Enforcing Apartheid?: The Politics of "Intolerability" in the Danish Migrat= ion and Integration Regimes Julia Su=E1rez-Krabbe and Annika Lindberg http://bit.ly/2XTddkh =

"Coaching" Queer: Hospitality and the Categorical Imperative of LGBTQ Asylu= m Seeking in Lebanon and Turkey Aydan Greatrick http://bit.ly/2JBx8ee =

III. REFLECTIONS Refuge and History: A Critical Reading of a Polemic Benjamin Thomas White http://bit.ly/31Vel61 =

IV. CREATIVE ENCOUNTERS Epitaphic Eleni Philippou http://bit.ly/2YO6vt8 =

V. Book Reviews Estella Carpi, Sandy F. Chang, Kristy A. Belton, Katja Swider, Naluwembe Bi= naisa, Magdalena Kubal-Czerwi=F1ska and Jessie Blackbourn http://bit.ly/2xDVSNq =

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