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Message posted on 17/07/2019

Stop and Go – New publication available

Stop and Go: Nodes of Transformation and Transition=20

was a research project by architect and artist Michael Hieslmair and = cultural historian Michael Zinganel from Vienna in collaboration with = geographer Tarmo Pikner from Tallinn and historian and anthropologist = Emiliya Karaboeva from Sofia.

The project focuses on the transformation of hubs and terminals as well = as formal and informal nodes along the network of pan-European road = transport corridors connecting the former East and West of Europe.

The book presents several trans-disciplinary case studies in the = geographical triangle between Vienna, Tallinn and Helsinki and the = Bulgarian-Turkish border. Each investigates how differently the networks = and temporary habitats of highly mobile actors along these road = corridors =E2=80=93 both in the posturban intermediate zones and in the = city centers =E2=80=93 have undergone and continue to undergo = significant changes following the fall of the Iron Curtain, the = enlargement of the EU, and the expansion of transport infrastructure.=20 The publication with contributions by Johanna Kandl, Emiliya Karaboeva, = Sonja Leimer, Juan Moreno, Katarzyna Osiecka, Tarmo Pikner, Tatjana = Vukosavljevi=C4=87, Michael Hieslmair & Michael Zinganel

in available at Sternberg press =

For a preview pls. see this PDF (3.5 MB): Book_Preview =

Michael Zinganel and Michael Hieslmair https://tracingspaces.net/stopandgo/ =

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