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Message posted on 05/12/2019

CFP Panel 105 "Materiality of Migration" EASA 2020

Apologies for cross-posting.

Dear colleagues,

we are happy to share a call for papers for our panel =E2=80=9CThe Material= ity of Migration: From =E2=80=98bare necessities=E2=80=99 to =E2=80=98promising th= ings=E2=80=99=E2=80=9D at the EASA conference 2020 in Lisbon, 21-24 Juli 2020. The call for papers is open now and will close on 20 January 2020. Andrea Lauser , Sara= h Mallet and Antonie Fuhse are the convenors of the panel. Please note that paper proposals must be made via the EASA webpage .

Short abstract:

The panel aims to bring together the findings of studies of the material dimensions of (forced) migration in different settings around the world. As part of an ongoing research project (at University of G=C3=B6ttingen)we are striving for international collaboration and exchange.

Long abstract:

Materiality is a fundamental dimension of migration which has only recently made its way into the scope of migration research. In this panel, by exploring the material dimension of human existence, we want to contribute to a better understanding of the phenomena of flight and migration. At the center of enquiry is the thesis that the value of protecting life and human dignity is inextricably linked to things. Things are connected to ascriptions of status and identity, as well as personal aspirations and emotions. During journeys of migration, people take things with them, or they lose or find things along the way. Journeys themselves are framed by objects like borders, passports, tents and other camp infrastructures, boats, and not least mobile phones. For people on the move, some of these things can arouse memories, some are linked with powerlessness or loss, some with hopes and aspirations, while other things lose their relevance along the way. We invite papers concerning the following questions:

=E2=80=A2What is the function of things in the context of flight and states= of exception?

=E2=80=A2What promises do things carry, which emotions, which aspirations?

=E2=80=A2How are things related to identity?

=E2=80=A2Can new things create new identities?

=E2=80=A2Which things are legitimized for people in a state of exception. W= hich are considered illegitimate?

=E2=80=A2Which things determine the status of an asylum seeker as a vulnera= ble person?

=E2=80=A2What do material possessions say about living a dignified life?

Best regards,

Andrea Lauser (University of G=C3=B6ttingen)

Sarah Mallet (University of Oxford)

Antonie Fuhse (University of G=C3=B6ttingen)

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