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Message posted on 13/01/2020

CfP EASA 2020. Panel 153: Securitization of mobility within the UK-EU-Schengen area

Apologies for cross-posting

Dear all,

on behalf of Cecilia Vergnano and Ioana Vrabiescu please find the CFP for their EASA Panel P153 Securitization of mobility within the UK-EU-Schengen area below:


 Cecilia Vergnano (University of Amsterdam)

 Ioana Vrabiescu (University of Warwick)

Short abstract:

This panel explores the growing securitization of mobility within the UK-EU-Schengen area in relation to migration-crisis discourses. It welcomes contributions on borderization processes, new forms of transnational cooperation and various supra- and sub-state mechanisms reshaping (im)mobilities across the EU.

Long abstract:

"Migration crisis" discourses have driven the implementation of a selective intra-EU mobility regime of non-EU asylum seekers as well as European undesirable mobile citizens (such as Roma). Racialized categories of mobile (non)citizens are governed through bureaucratic and spatial exclusions, practices of policing mobility and borders, and state deportations. Against these restrictive and oppressive measures, many people, propelled by economic and social factors, keep on pursuing cross border mobility. Such cross-border mobility can be studied from different perspectives; from focusing on the strategies of migrants to examining security actors (security professionals, policepersons, immigration bureaucrats, soldiers and border guards), border-crossing facilitators (so-called smugglers, activists for free mobility, supportive local communities) and civil society (NGO workers, social movements). The proposed panel welcomes contributions from scholars of migration and mobility, IR and security studies who interrogate an emerging regime of differential bordering within the UK-EU-Schengen area. How are state practices directed to the governance of undesired mobilities enacted within the EU-Schengen framework? What kind of mobility strategies of impoverished and racialized subjects can oppose or elude state bordering practices? What forms of resistance do non-state actors deploy in countering a state system of strict border control?

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Paper proposals must consist of:

  • a paper title
  • the name/s and email address/es of author/s
  • a short abstract of fewer than 300 characters
  • a long abstract of fewer than 250 words

EASA offered to accepting ONE remote presentation per panel in order to mitigate the environmental impact. If you know you will not be able to attend the conference and your proposal is for a remote presentation, please write 'REMOTE' at the end of the title.

Further details on how to submit your paper proposal you can find here: EA= SA 2020 =E2=80=93 Call for Papers.

The call for papers closes on January 20th, authors will be notified by 1st of February.

We look forward to reading your proposal! J

Cecilia and Ioana


Dr. Ioana Vrabiescu

WIRL-COFUND Fellow | Institute of Advanced Study | The Law School | University of Warwick

Zeeman Building, Room: C0.12, Coventry, CV4 7AL

ioana.vrabiescu@warwick.ac.uk | +44 (0) 7595948732


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