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Message posted on 27/02/2020

Call for Papers NMR & ETMU Conference: WS7: Differentiated Whiteness(Es) Besides Hegemony? Tracing Gradations of Whiteness

Call for papers

Colonial/Racial Histories, National Narratives and Transnational Migration 20th Nordic Migration Research conference & 17th ETMU conference 12 ̶ 14 August, 2020, University of Helsinki, Finland

Deadline: 29th of February, 2020

WS.7. Differentiated Whiteness(Es) Besides Hegemony? Tracing Gradations of Whiteness

Linda Lapiņa, Roskilde University | llapina@ruc.dk Anna Maria Wojtynska, University of Iceland |annawo@hi.is Irma Budginaitė-Mačkinė, Vilnius University | irma.budginaite@fsf.vu.lt

Earlier research problematises the hegemony of whiteness in the Nordic region, relating this to silence about and silencing of race (Andreassen & Vitus, 2015; Svendsen, 2013), colorblindness (Hübinette & Lundström, 2014), white nostalgia (Danbolt & Myong, 2018) and white right to love the Other (Myong & Bissenbakker, 2016). The past decade has brought an increasing focus on race and racialisation in the Nordic region; however, whiteness remains underexplored (Meer, 2018). With this workshop, we are responding to calls to interrogate and further conceptualise whiteness in the Nordic setting and beyond (Andreassen & Myong, 2017; Hvenegård-Lassen & Staunæs, 2019; Loftsdóttir, 2017). The workshop explores differentiated whiteness, moving beyond the binary of white/non-white or (single, solid) hegemonic whiteness. We set out to investigate how different whitenesses are enacted, negotiated and contested, and to challenge how un(re)marked whiteness reinforces colonial complicity (Keskinen, 2009; Vuorela, 2016). The papers draw on different disciplinary backgrounds and geographical locations, employing a variety of qualitative methods- interviews, fieldwork, visual methods, autoethnography, affective writing and memory work.

Papers will explore the following themes, among others:

  • whiteness and intersectionality;
  • hierarchies and shades of whiteness;
  • degrees of proximity and distance to (Nordic) whiteness;
  • affectivity and embodiment. We invite additional contributions, in particular with a focus on indigenous Nordic whiteness. Alternative formats, such as arts-based interventions, are very welcome.

Looking forward for your abstracts.

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