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Message posted on 24/03/2020

New Book: Migranthood: Youth in a New Era of Deportation

Dear Colleagues,

I want to share an excellent and timely new book, Migranthood: Youth in a New Era of Deportation, by anthropologist Lauren Heidbrink.

"Migranthood chronicles deportation from the perspectives of Indigenous youth who migrate unaccompanied from Guatemala to Mexico and the United States. In communities of origin in Guatemala, zones of transit in Mexico, detention centers for children in the U.S., government facilities receiving returned children in Guatemala, and communities of return, young people share how they negotiate everyday violence and discrimination, how they and their families prioritize limited resources and make difficult decisions, and how they develop and sustain relationships over time and space... The insights and experiences of young people uncover the transnational effects of securitized responses to migration management and development on individuals and families, across space, citizenship status, and generation."

Receive 20% off at https://www.sup.org/books/title/?id=31467 with code: HEIDBRINK20.

Warm wishes, Michele Statz

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