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Call for papers & (audio)visual essays: Borders, activisms and (i)mmobilities: aesthetic and political perspectives

Dear colleagues, we hope you're well. Please see below a CFP/(audio)visual essays for a special issue that we're putting together. The call is broad and it would be great to have you involved! The deadline is pretty soon (June 30th), but if you send us a first draft we can work on it. We accept contributions in French, Portuguese and Spanish as well. Please forward it on to anyone else you know who might be up for joining. Best wishes, Bianca, Fernanda & Guilhermo


Borders, activisms and (i)mmobilities: aesthetic and political perspectives

Guest editors: Bianca Freire-Medeiros (USP/Brazil), Fernanda da Costa Portugal Duarte (NCSU/USA), Guilhermo Aderaldo (UFPEL/Brazil)

Deadline: 30/06/2021. Accepted languages for submissions: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French

Since the first half of the 2000s, the “mobility turn” has challenged contemporary social theory to frame globalization, as both cause and effect, of the increase in the various forms of human movement (from refuge to tourism), as well as the surveilled acceleration of the flows of information. In this sense, a recent myriad of socio-anthropological studies have pointed out that the promise of a world without friction produced by enthusiasts of globalization has given way to the multiplication of “preventive” technologies, supported by discourses of (in)security. Such discursive and material assemblages have turned borders into more complex and capillarized structures, which allow some to travel through protected routes, while making it impossible - or riskier - for others.

We understand that borders are liminal zones, geographically and symbolically situated. They implicate in subjective and political transformations by producing, for example, the contrast that distinguishes “undocumented workers” and “citizens”, or “tourists” and “vagabonds”. Therefore, these are not necessarily walls or check points, but assemblages of spaces, protocols, codes, normalization and differentiation practices that emerge from within the frictions that typify the systems of inequalities.

In a world shaped by mobility and immobility, an array of artistic, cultural and activist manifestations has given visibility to the hidden structures that are responsible for (re)producing the underlying inequalities that sustain a hegemonic system, arranged in multi scalar dimensions. Experiments related to media activism, counter-mapping, performances, reverse engineering, among others, shift the cognitive axis that organizes our perception of the territories that cross our everyday lives, and allow us to deconstruct naturalized epistemic schemas.

We invite researchers across different disciplinary fields to reflect from the standpoint of mobilities studies, and submit full papers, and (audio) visual essays, that pose original reflections on contemporary social phenomena related to issues regarding borders, activism, arts, and (i)mobility. Submissions may include discussions related (but not limited to) the following topics:

Migration and symbolic appropriation of national borders;

Artistic, and cultural experiences regarding tourism mobility, especially in sensitive territories such as slums, peripheries, and conflict zones;

Counter-mapping and cognitive shifts;

Housing financialization, land disputes and imaginary disputes about the city

Image and information flows in situations of extreme vulnerability: (i)mobilities during the covid-19 pandemic;

“Mobile” methods and new epistemic perspectives on the underlying aesthetic and political forms of contemporary social conflicts;

Youth cultural practices and insurgencies in urban spaces.

All contributions should be submitted online and follow the rules for submission indicated on the journal’s website ( ). Please check the journal’s Section Policies. Prospective contributors with questions regarding the potential suitability of topics, editorial expectations, or any other questions with regard to this special issue are invited to contact the Guest Editors directly by email to .

-- Bianca Freire-Medeiros Departamento de Sociologia

Centro de Estudos da Metrópole CEM

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