Message posted on 27/09/2021

new issue of Urban People journal

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Dear colleagues!

I am happy to announce the publication of the new English edition (23/2) of the international anthropological journal Lid=C3=A9 m=C4=9Bsta / Urban Peo= ple.

The new issue covers a wide range of geographical areas and groups of people: Uyghur minorities in Xinjiang, China; Czech and Slovak migrants in the Arctic/Svalbard, Norway; Vietnamese migrants in Prague, Czechia; international tourists and ethnic minorities in New York; and the historical Catholic Church in Brazil.

More on the following link:

Please, read the new issue, and share it with your colleagues, students, and friends!

Moreover, authors can already start sending us contributions for next year=E2=80=99s English edition.

With regards!

David Verbu=C4=8D

Editor-in-Chief of the English editions of Lid=C3=A9 m=C4=9Bsta / Urban Pe= ople journal

--=20 David Verbu=C4=8D

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