Message posted on 01/10/2021

DIY House Shows and Music Venues in the US -- new book

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Dear colleagues! I would like to bring to your attention the publication of my book, DIY House Shows and Music Venues in the US: Ethnographic Explorations of Place and Community, which was released today at Routledge (link: raphic-Explorations-of/Verbuc/p/book/9781032049175 ).

The book offers an interdisciplinary and ethnographically rich insight into the unique practice of organizing and participating at DIY house concerts in the US by various DIY music cultures (from punk and indie rock to singer-songwriters and experimental musicians). It particularly focuses on studying the relations between place/space (music venues, geographic places, social spaces), and "intimate" community (see more on the link above).

Author's info:

Note: you can use the code included in the attached flyer to get a 20% discount (valid both for hardcover and electronic versions of the book).

Please, respond to this email, if you have any questions, or if you would like to receive a review copy of the book.

Thank you! Greetings and best wishes to all! David Verbu=C4=8D

--=20 David Verbu=C4=8D

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