Message posted on 05/10/2021

PANTHEON: Hip-Hop's Global Pathways to Cultural “Legitimacy” (4th Meeting of the European Hiphop Studies Network)

Dear colleagues,=20

Please find attached the call for papers for the fourth meeting of the [ ht= tps:// | European Hip Hop Studie= s Network ] , entitled "PANTHEON: Hip-Hop's Global Pathways to Cultural 'Le= gitimacy'"=20

The meeting will take place in Paris on 26-27 January 2022 and the deadline= for submission has been extended to 15 October 2021. Please send your prop= osals (in French or English) to the following email address: [ mailto:ehhsn= | ]=20

Please feel free to share this event with anyone who might be interested.= =20

Thank you, best wishes,=20

Axel Gossiaux=20

--=20 Axel Mudahemuka C. Gossiaux=20 PhD student in Political and Social Sciences:=20 [ | Centre = for Ethnic and Migration Studies (CEDEM) ]=20 University of Li=C3=A8ge, Faculty of Social Sciences=20 Regional representative (Belgium) for:=20 [ | European Hiph= op Studies Network (EHHSN) ]=20

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