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5th CeMig Migration Research Lab on (Im)mobilities, Human Rights and Climate Justice

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the Centre for Global Migration Studies at the University of G=C3=B6ttinge= n organizes a Migration Research Lab on (Im)mobilities, Human Rights and = Climate Justice (see below). It is primarily aimed at PhD students and = post-docs. Feel free to register and share the information.

Thank you! Leon-Fabian Caspari


Leon-Fabian Caspari =

Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology University of G=C3=B6ttingen Theaterstra=C3=9Fe 14 37073 G=C3=B6ttingen Germany

5th CeMig Migration Research Lab: (Im)mobilities, Human Rights and Climate Justice with Carol Farbotko (Griffith University) and Monika Mayrhofer (Ludwig = Boltzman Institute of Fundamental and Human Rights)

15 October 2021, 10:00 - 12:00 CEST (UTC +2) Places are limited. Please register here = by 08 October 2021 Online via Zoom

Migration in the context of climate change has often been defined as a = problem to be solved through research and policies. Critical voices, = however, call for going beyond such a narrow framing of the issue in = order to promote the human rights of those most affected and to achieve = climate justice. A persistent problem is defining who is addressed in = research and policy on the climate change - migration nexus and how = those most affected by climate change become part of the debate. This = Migration Research Lab aims to initiate an exchange on the current state = of research on climate change and human (im)mobility in order to discuss = what an (im)mobility perspective has to offer in terms of human rights = and climate justice. It is primarily aimed at PhD students and postdocs = from different disciplines to critically debate the challenges and open = questions in their research designs and analyses in light of the global = reality of climate change and human (im)mobility.

Please find more information on on how to register here = .

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