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Subject: CFP - 18th IUAES World Congress, Florianópolis, Brazil, 16-20 July 2018

Dear all,

The website for the upcoming IUAES World Congress in Brazil is online:

If you want to propose a tourism-related panel that is endorsed by the
IUAES Commission on the Anthropology of Tourism, please prepare the

- Panel title

- Panel abstract (between 300 and 1500 words)

- 3 to 5 keywords

- The languages in which paper proposals will be accepted

- Names, affiliations and contact details of the co-convenors (minimum
2, from different countries and institutions)

In order to be considered, please send this information to me BEFORE
_*15 October 2017*_ (IUAES-Tourism internal deadline).

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any question you may have.

Kind regards,

Noel Salazar

Noel B. Salazar, PhD
Vice-President IUAES, Member Young Academy of Belgium
Editor, Worlds in Motion (Berghahn)
Co-editor, Anthropology of Tourism (Lexington)
Cultural Mobilities Research (CuMoRe)
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Leuven
Parkstraat 45, bus 3615, BE-3000 Leuven, Belgium


EASA Anthropology and Mobility Network (ANTHROMOB)

For further information please contact any of the following:

Valerio Simoni
The Graduate Institute Geneva (Switzerland)

Lauren Wagner
Maastricht University (Netherlands)

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