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Events by the Energy Anthropology Network




A launch event at the Energy Impacts conference in Bergen on Feb 28 2017 took the form of a roundtable panel involving network organisers and founder members of the network.

Simone Abram and Brit Ross Winthereik (ITU Copenhagen) held a Wenner-Gren funded workshop in Durham in 2016 entitled Electrifying Anthropology. This event consolidated a network of anthropologists working on electricity issues. An edited volume is to be published during 2017 (MIT press).
You can read the full report herePDF . Furthermore, visit this link to see another output from EAN and its associated acitvities.

The energy transition: an anti-politics machine? ASA16 Panel 07
5 July 2016, Durham (UK)
URL: nomadit.co.uk/asa/asa2016/panels.php5?PanelID=4399
Convenors: Nathalie Ortar (ENTPE) and Tristan Loloum (University of Durham)

Energy citizenships and prospects for low carbon democracy. ASA16 Panel 06
7 July 2016, Durham (UK)
URL: nomadit.co.uk/asa/asa2016/panels.php5?PanelID=4057
Convenor: Ben Campbell (Durham University)

Power legacies, energy futures: governmentalities along the grid. EASA2016 Panel 107
22 July 2016, Milan (Italy)
URL: nomadit.co.uk/easa/easa2016/panels.php5?PanelID=4278
Convenors: Nathalie Ortar (ENTPE) and Tristan Loloum (University of Durham)