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Events of the Pilgrimage Studies Network

Upcoming Events

EASA2020 conference panel P013:

Coleman, Simon and Mesaritou, Evgenia (convenors): Pilgrimage and the Politics of Presence and Absence: Anthropological Horizons on Sacralizing Locality, Visibility and Invisibility in the Contemporary World Panel at EASA2020: New anthropological horizons in and beyond Europe, Lisbon/Portugal. 21 - 24 July 2020.

Past Events

PILNET 2019 Workshop
Approaching Pilgrimage: Methodological Issues Involved In Researching Routes, Sites and Practices
4th-6th September 2019, Zadar

This workshop aimed to create a facilitative environment for the discussion of the different approaches towards pilgrimage but also, more importantly, setting the stage for future pilgrimage research.

Download the workshop program A4 format pdfhere
Download the workshop program as a foldable booklet pdfhere

The Pilgrimate Studies Network convened a panel entitled "Changing Face of European Pilgrimage" at the EASA2018 conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

Visit here to see the panel abstract.