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Message posted on 28/10/2018

deadline for submitting an abstract for entanglements: Oct 31st.

Dear colleagues,

Following the launch of issue 1(2) of entanglements: experiments in multimodal ethnography (ISSN 2516-5860), an open-access, peer-feedback journal, we are now taking proposals for our spring issue 2(1).

You can submit an abstract/idea outline for consideration by October 31st (if your piece is selected for inclusion in issue 2(1), we will then require a full first draft of a contribution by January 18th).

entanglements is an experimental journal focused on the multimodal ethnographic theory and practice and is published twice a year. The journal aims to enable and encourage forms of expression and communities of practice around multimodality in a range of research topics and across disciplines and media. The editors will discuss and work with authors on the production of multimodal articles. We welcome submissions and ideas for future issues, and we highly encourage early career researchers and phd students to get in contact at: entanglementseditors@gmail.com

Previous editorials outlining the aims and scope of the journal can be found here and here, and an outline of the sections here.

With kind regards,

The editors
Sevasti-Melissa Nolas, Christos Varvantakis, and Robyn Long

Dr Sevasti-Melissa Nolas
Sociology, Goldsmiths

Principal Investigator ERC Connectors Study

Co-Editor entanglements: experiments in multimodal ethnography

New book:

Nolas, S-M., Varvantakis, C. and Aruldoss, V. (2018) Political Activism across the Life Course. London: Routledge.

Latest papers:

Nolas, S-M.,Varvantakis, C. and Aruldoss, V. (2017) ‘Political activism across the life course’, Contemporary Social Science, 12(1-2), pp. 1-12. (Open Access).

Nolas, S-M., Varvantakis, C. and Aruldoss, V. (2017) 'Talking politics in everyday family life’, Contemporary Social Science, 12(1-2), pp. 68-83. (Open Access).


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