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Message posted on 14/06/2019

Visual Research Network: Deadline June 15th

*Deadline to Apply June 15th 2019 *

PRACTICE.The Residency: 29th Aug to 3rd Sept in the Peak DistrictThe
Conference: 5th and 6th Sept 2019 at the Granada Centre for Visual
Anthropology, University of Manchester*


The aim of this event is to channel and showcase new perspectives and
approaches that visual practitioners, practice researchers and visual
ethnographers are currently employing in their work. In order to enrich
visual practices toward new disciplinary horizons, we therefore advocate
for a visual, sonic, experimental, and more widely multisensory
cross-disciplinary knowledge.

The VRN Residency Conference aims to bring together visual researchers and
practitioners, who are actively working with visual methods in their own
fieldwork or their practice-as-research. It welcomes participants from a
variety of disciplines, including, visual anthropology, filmmaking, music,
fine arts, performance arts, animation, and photography.

The event is composed of a five-day residency open to 12 participants, a 2
day conference including participants of the residency and external

During a five-day residency, participants will inhabit a shared creative
and living space at an appropriate location, and will be working on their
own visual materials in order to enhance the narrative of their research,
but, more importantly, work collaboratively in the pursuit of pushing the
creative boundaries through experimental methods. The five-day residency
will become a space for collective learning and artistic creation in which
we will share experiences from our own respective projects, as well as give
rise to new and unforeseen practical outcomes.

The two-day conference seeks not only to explore and debate the
long-standing legacies of audio-visual research, but wants to create a
productive and inspiring discussion through an active and embodied
involvement, so that every participant can effectively express and
communicate their own practice through multisensorial, emplaced,
participatory, embodied, experimental, and collaborative approaches.
Filmmaker and researcher Dr. Catarina Alves Costa will deliver this year's
keynote speech.

*The Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology , *
*University of Manchester*

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