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Message posted on 15/08/2019

ethnographic drawing and art courses in Warsaw, Poland.

*[course, workshop]*

*Dear all, *

*I invite you to two courses which I will have in autumn, in Warsaw,

*The first is **Feather and felt-tip pens sketches. *

*The course is addressed to everyone who is bored with a camera and is
looking for other means of expression and documentation - not only during
scientific research, but also during a holiday trip, when registering
important family events and capturing (un) ordinary everyday situations.*

*Second is **A comic about ourselves - a practical workshop.*

*The subject of the course is the practical application of comics in **work
with **memory **and* *self **documentation. Based on an ethnographic
workshop, students will deal with the practical application of comics and
collage in creating a smooth and coherent graphic narrative on a selected
topic, related to your own memories, family or local community.*

*Cours**es** start 17.09.2019 **and 18.09.2019 **to **the end of November**,
and it’s every Tuesday **or Wednesday **evening**s**. **The course* *fee* *is
**about 63 EUR for **each.*

*Officially the course is in Polish but I can simultaneously speak with You
in English or French. Drawing, art and imagin**ation** are universal.*

*You can find more information **[**in Polish** ]* *here:*

*First, **Feather and felt-tip pens sketches:**
https://www.uo.uw.edu.pl/kurs/5152 *

*Second, **A comic about ourselves - a practical workshop: *

*If You have a question, feel free and send me the e-mail. *

* Sincerely,*

Jacek Wajszczak


+48 609 543 383
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