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Message posted on 08/12/2020

entanglements: experiments in multimodal ethnography issue 3(2) now published (open access)

Dear colleagues,

the latest issue of entanglements: experiments in multimodal ethnography is
now out - in open access. Please find below the table of contents and links
to the pieces. To submit a piece or discuss an idea, write us an email at:

Enjoy reading, watching, listening!
Christos Varvantakis and Melissa Nolas
Vol. 3, Issue 2. (Autumn/Winter, 2020)
*Christos Varvantakis* and *Sevasti-Melissa Nola*s

Retrospective (re)presentation: turning the written ethnographic text into
an ‘ethno-graphic’.

*Charlie Rumsby*

Knots and Holes
*Mattjis van de Port*

[Review] Four thoughts on Knots and Holes

*Lisa Stevenson*

[Review] Knots and Holes

*Michael Jackson*

[Review] Intermittent

*Lucas Sanper*

Mushrooms at the end of the issue

Anthropology of/at/from home (Part 1)
*Edited by Francisco Martinez, Eeva Berglund, and Adolfo Estalella*

Introduction: Anthropology of/at/from home

*Francisco Martinez, Eeva Berglund, and Adolfo Estalella*

A Swan Song
*Sarah Green*

The bright side of Coronavirus: Reinventing home during quarantine

*Tomás Errázuriz and Ricardo Greene*

At home *After Ethnos*: A visual essay

*Edgar Gómez Cruz*

Staying Connected: Coronavirus in Japan

*Laura Haapio-Kirk*

Doing time – visual notes on waiting without quite knowing for what exactly

*Martha-Cecilia Dietrich*

Unreachable: the poverty of virtual ethnography

*Pekka Tuominen*

The case for letting anthropology be quarantined: Covid and the end of
ethnographic presence

*Samuel Gerald Collins and Matthew Slover Durington*

A Story of She: Collective feminist film making at home (between Japan and

*Jennifer Clarke, Fionn Duffy, Rachel Grant, Mei Homma, Natsumi Sakamoto,
Sarah McWhinney, and Asako Taki*

From Nest to Next: A video essay on Passages

*Michele A. Feder-Nadoff*

A Home in the Building: Mutuality and Construction Work on Friendship

*Francisco Martinez*

Goodbye, Johnny Weissmuller

*Marcos Farias Ferreira*

Home is a waking dream

*Jason Pine and Kathleen Stewart*
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