Message posted on 20/12/2021

entanglements: experiments in multimodal ethnography issue 4(2) now out - open access

Dear colleagues,

We are really happy to announce the publication of entanglements journal
issue 4(2).
You can access the issue here: / find the
issue contents below.

If you want to submit a piece or discuss an idea, you can read about
our sections and submission guidelines here: and you can contact us at:

With best wishes,
Christos Varvantakis and Melissa Nolas

To catch a breath
Melissa Nolas and Christos Varvantakis

Motion. Stop.: Responding to crises compounding

Siobhán McGuirk

Jaws, old dwellings, and a mermaid: Meditations of a shark anthropologist
on multimodality

Raj Sekhar Aich

A letter to my co-researchers

Nikki Rutter

Zoom time
Katherine Quinn

Becoming-with response-ability: How does diffracting posthuman ontologies
with multi-modal
ethnography spark a multiplying femifesta/manifesta of noticing,
attentiveness and doings
relation to mundane politics and more-than-human pedagogies of

Jo Albin-Clark, Liz Latto, Louise Hawxwell and Julie Ovington

Covid spaces and places: The uncanny, the weird, and the eerie

John Bird and Dave Green

In the city the body rests

Debashis Sinha

Gendered Aesthetic Techniques and Neo Materialist Prospects.
Video-Performance: WordΜord By Vasiliea Stylianidou aka Franck-Lee Alli-Tis

Elpida Karaba

[Re-views] Review of Expanded Visions: A New Anthropology of the Moving
Image by Arnd Schneider

Alex Oehler

[Re-view] Review of Arnd Schneider’s Expanded Visions (2021)

Michelangelo Paganopoulos
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