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Message posted on 20/12/2018

Conference: Research Video - The Art of Scientific Storytelling 14.01.19

Dear colleagues

The area studies Cast /Audiovisual Media of the Zurich University of the Arts invites you to a conference with the aim of seeing the future of video within the sciences. Among other disciplines, visual anthropologists will be present to speak about the use of audiovisual media as a research method but also as a publication form.

Research Video: The Art of Scientific Storytelling


Museum für Gestaltung, Ausstellungsstrasse 60, 8005 Zurich

The conference aims to connect scientists and storytellers from various disciplines who actively use video in their practices, in order to glimpse on possible future forms of scientific publication on video - instead of “paper”. Could a “research video” be structured with classical scriptwriting-based rules?

“Research Video” is a SNSF-funded multidisciplinary research project of the Institute of Performing Arts of the Zurich University of the Arts and Cast / Audiovisual Media, Department Design. The project aims to explore the use of video in practice-based and artistic research and develops a software tool for publication of research results through audiovisual material and video-annotation.

The conference is open to the public.

Inscription and contact: lea.klaue@zhdk.ch

Detailed information: https://cast.zhdk.ch/news/research-video-the-art-of-scientific-storytelling-conference/

— — Zürcher Hochschule der Künste Zurich University of the Arts — Léa Klaue Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin Cast / Audiovisual Media Departement Design — Toni-Areal, Pfingstweidstrasse 96 Postfach, CH-8031 Zürich Telefon +41 79 387 50 26 — www.zhdk.ch www.zhdk.ch/cast

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