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Message posted on 16/02/2019

Call for Entries: Digital Anthropology #7, Ausland/Berlin


Digital Anthropologies #7 | “Ausland”, Berlin | August 26-29, 2019

Registration form: http://goo.gl/wS7rNs Deadline: 30 March 2019 What are the conditions for the event to shift from competition to alliance? If we do not wish to compete, we desire to share research processes in a mode of togetherness that offers a gift of potentiality for better living and knowing beyond their capture for capitalist value extraction. What if your work could relay and resonate with the affects at play, contributing by leaving traces that activate the ecologies of the event across times and spaces?

The seventh edition of Digital Anthropologies constructs a sociality in its own right. We believe that the experience of an artistic or research process can especially be felt in the collective making of the event and in the doing of a series of minor gestures, within, between and beyond the sum of the individual research processes.

We invite you to submit materials of all kinds that will be collectively reshaped before, during and after the event. During five days, you will be able to propose a way of creating, thinking and feeling the constellation of the event. Collectively, we will share the techniques to activate each work for the caring gesture to emerge. For this caring gesture to happen, we need to pre-accelerate the event together during summer. We listen carefully to each selected proposal. Each proposal is folded in the arms of one member of the selection committee for the work to be activated in the relational field of the event. Collectively, we explore the techniques yet to be invented to enter the event.

Conditions of participation

  1. Submission of a work, research, or proposal for a workshop, completed or in progress, from any scientific or artistic discipline, by 30 March 2019.
If the project is selected, 
2. Required availability to pre-accelerate the event with your work in collaboration with a member of the selection committee until the event.
3. Required attendance on 26-29 August 2019 at Ausland, Berlin, Germany.

Link to Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/digitalanthropologies

Link to facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/341945886415048/

Digital Anthropologies #7 is an event organised by les Écrans de la Liberté (Screens of Freedom, Paris, France), in partnership with IMAf (Institut des mondes africains, CNRS, Paris, France), the ArchipelagoLab (Leuphana University, Lüneburg, Germany), Senselab (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada) and supported by the French-German University. Selection committee: Christoph Brunner, Assistant Professor in Cultural Theory at Leuphana University Lüneburg and director of the ArchipelagoLab for Transversal Practices, Lüneburg, Germany; Sungeun Grace Kim, filmmaker, artistic researcher, Berlin, Germany; Pascal Leclercq, president of les Écrans de la Liberté (Screens of Freedom); Côme Ledésert, filmmaker and practice-led doctoral researcher, CREAM, University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom; Mariana Marcassa, artist and researcher, postdoctoral fellow at SenseLab and Acts of Listening Lab, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada; Jol Thomson, artist, collaborator and researcher, CREAM, University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom; Nadine Wanono, anthropologist and filmmaker, tenure researcher at Institut des Mondes africains, CNRS, Paris, France; Michael Westrich, cultural anthropologist, artistic researcher, journalist, Berlin, Germany.

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