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Message posted on 03/04/2019

Engaged ethnographic film festival - "Vizantrop" (Belgrade)

Dear Vaneasa members,

My name is Relja Pekić and I am president of Collective "Vizantrop". The "Vizantrop" collective has emerged as a platform for the association of regional and international (audiovisual) anthropologists, documentaries, artists and all those interdisciplinary researchers dealing with film and photography

We are a group of anthropologists and ethnologists from Belgrade and Zagreb who is organizing a two-page journal for interdisciplinary audiovisual research, visual anthropology and ethnographic film. Our goal is to launch an audiovisual lab, which will produce scientific works, films, video clips, photo diaries, etc.

The call is open until May 15th 2019 and the film production

shouldn’t be older than 4 years (produced between 2014-2018).

The films need to be available on downloadable internet links.

Only English subtitled versions are accepted.

You can visit our webpage for more information

If you have questons about our festival or you want to get in touch with Collective, please write us on e-mail: antropviz@gmail.com


Vizantrop, engaged ethnographic film festival in Serbia, is pleased to announce the opening submissions for the first edition of festival. The Festival will be held in the city of Belgrade, from June 14th – 16th 2019 and organized by international collective “Vizantrop” from Belgrade and Zagreb .

The Mission of the Festival is to encourage research and creative approaches to engaged ethnographic film, to educate audience about ways to perceive and accept the diversity of local cultural traditions and to point out the importance of cultural specificities and the importance of preserving cultural heritage.

Submissions are free and open for films with innovative and analytical approach to cultures and societies. Authors can submit their films for any length of time and not older than 4 years for the following categories:


Community and Equality (competition program) - films about communities in general; films about the diverse forms of human cultures; films about alternative economies of social groups, political transformations and movements around the world films about engagement of researchers and their teams in helping endangered and marginalized communities overcome problems ; autoethnographic films and all kind of experimental ethnographic forms who are questioning human and their sensorical perception in order to achieve better understanding of humans. 2.

Intangible cultural heritage (informative program) - films in the domain of intangible cultural heritage that seek to represent and preserve various customs, cultural expressions and practices, as well as their transformations in contemporary times. 3.

*Student film* (competition program) - films produced by students as

young authors at their universities; films produced from visual anthropology workshops all around the globe

We want the festival to encourage researchers, professors and future researchers to apply the methodology of visual anthropology with the aim of preserving human-perpetuated communities throughout the world, but also those communities that need new energy to overcome all social and economic problems. For us, the film is a tool of transcultural communication that can influence the social intervention and the importance of the sharied anthropology for all people

We are hoping this festival will find its ways of funding in the future, unfortunately we will not be able to fund the travel and accommodation costs of the participants this year, but we support participation in our events.

Prize for the competition program “Community and Equality” implies paid transportation and accommodation during "The School of Visual Anthropology 2020" which will take place in Belgrade (Serbia) in summer 2020. The awarded filmmaker will be a lecturer at the workshop and will receive a fee for his participation.

Prize for the competition program “Student film” implies free participation and accommodation for a ten day ethnographic film workshop "The School of Visual Anthropology 2020" which will take place in Belgrade (Serbia) in summer 2020.

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