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Message posted on 10/08/2019

AnthroVision 6.1 Film in Ethnographic Exhibitions is online

Dear list members,

we are happy to annouce that the special issue of AnthroVision on Film in Ethnographic Exhibitions is online now.

Anne Mette Jrgensen and Nadja Valentini Furlan are the editors of this special issue.

In their introduction they point out:

Curating film in ethnographic exhibitions and museums is a long-existing, hybrid and largely unarticulated field that this special issue now sheds light on. The contributors reflect on how ethnographic film may intensify sensorial engagements, raise levels of curiosity and comprehension, and enhance mediation between different ways of sensing the world. Dialogue and montage are guiding principles to several of the contributors writing about their own curatorial work and/or filmmaking. They expand on dialogic collaborations with subjects and audiences in different stages, from production to exhibition and beyond. Following from that, the guest editor concludes that curating and producing ethnographic films and exhibitions is methodologically, practically and politically complex and highly urgent.

A paper of Paolo Favero on In Defence of Formal Experimentation has been published additionally.

Enjoy AnthroVision 6.1. and feel free to submit your one article or to suggest a special issue yourself.

Best wishes

Dr. Beate Engelbrecht

Director of AnthroVision The VANEASA online-journal




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