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Message posted on 05/01/2020

EASA-meeting 2020: Call for papers around visual anthropology

Dear list members,

Do not miss the deadline:

The Call for Papers is now open and closes at 23:59 GMT/WEST on 20 January 2020.


Here a list of panels which might be interesting for visual anthropologist, media anthropologist and anthropologist working on art (clicking on the title you see the description):


Visual Insights in a World on the Move [VANEASA]

P121 Filming Futures: ethnographic film and future-making in critical contexts [FAN and VANEASA]

P146 https://nomadit.co.uk/conference/easa2020/p/8516 When becoming the future lies at the intersection of Anthropology, Speculative Fiction and Storytelling [Future Anthropologies Network]


The futures of visual restitution


Ethnography and new 'habitus' of visual productions

P106 Provoking Visuals: Creative Engagements with Borders, Wars, and Conflicts [PACSA Network]


Illuminating Futures of the Life Course through Visual and Digital Media [Age and Generations Network]


Engaged media anthropology in the digital age [Media Anthropology Network]


Ethnography beyond the looking glass: Rethinking the methodological approaches of media anthropology


Imaginations of alternative futures in new media and popular art forms in East Africa


Anthropology and Art: on the dynamics and the polemics of situating definitions of 'art' [Anthropology and the Arts network]

P173 Exceptional Experiences: New Horizons in Anthropological Studies of Art, Aesthetics and Everyday Life


What's global about the global art world? Reexamining the global, national, and local in artistic circulation and transmission

Best wishes

Beate Engelbrecht

Dr. Beate Engelbrecht Co-convinor of the Visual Anthropology Network of the European Association of Social Anthropologists



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