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Message posted on 28/03/2020

Social Centre ROOF - visual anthropology hub in Belgrade

Dear Vaneasa members,

Visual Anthropology Center and our two partner organizations CED and Kollektiv Vizantrop proudly announce that we just launched our new campaign on Indiegogo. It is not just a fund- but a crowd-raiser.


We are looking for new members to our collective and everybody who donates to this campaign will have the opportunity to become a member of the Roof community.

There are many ways you can help the campaign, while of course we appreciate every donation - money is not really the issue. We opened this new social centre just before the CoVid19 pandemic started. In these times when we too must advise social distancing it is ever so important that we don't give up on building a community. A community of visual anthropologists, socially engaged film-makers, photographers, ethno-music researchers and enthusiasts. Social center Roof is a place that will welcome everyone who thinks a real social network is more than just a digital space to share your content.

We created a space in the center of Belgrade that will open the doors to you as soon as the pandemic allows us, until then we will offer a variety of digital courses, mentoring sessions, remote workshops and of course our selection of films and photos produced in the past. The times of social distancing will be over sooner than you'd think and there will be massive damage to undo. That will be our big mission for the future, but for the nearer future we will do our best to minimize the harms isolation can cause. This campaign is essential for us to succeed with these goals.

Read the campaign on Indiegogo carefully, we really tried to summarize the working methods of the Roof, not to mention the amazing perks that will immediately enable you to become members of the Roof.

Please share, comment, participate and most importantly BE A PART OF THE ROOF COMMUNITY!

Warm regards,

Community of SC "ROOF"

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