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Message posted on 19/05/2020

Regard Bleu – Festival for ethnographic student film and media

Dear Zoë Strub and Olivia Bianchi, I am writing to you concerning Regard Bleu – Festival for ethnographic student film and media. I have just finishes a film concerning the Amerindians in Amazonia

The Enchanted Words of the Hupd'äh of the Amazon,

Masters of knowledge, narrated by Renato Athias

A film written and directed by Mina Rad

I would like to send the film to the festival , the link on the website does not answer

wille you please let me know to whom can I send the proposal?

This is teh subject and link of the film

This film is being finished just as the world is going through the Coronavirus disaster.

During this period when thousands ofhuman beings have been affected and confined to their homes on five continents, it is important to see how other civilizations conceive their relationship with the universe and nature.

Today more than ever, we need to reconsider our links with nature as in the cosmology of the Hupd’äh, one of the Amerindians of the Amazon.

As Amerindians say "Nature is Humanity.”

This film is about the possibility of re-examining the relationship of humans with non-human and with all nature.

Hupd’äh talks about the different substances that can give the balance in life. This film invites us to think about this balance.

The Hupd’äh are a threatened and vulnerable population. Today they are nearly 2000 people and live in 35 villages in the heart of the northwest region of the Amazon.

I have had the good fortune to get to know the Hupd’äh people through the stories, archives, photos and documentaries of Renato Athias. I invite you to discover the cosmology of these people.

And perhaps by taking the people of the Amazon as an example, we will one day be able to restructure our ideas to create a more human world tomorrow. .... This is the link of the film Les Mots Enchantés des Hupd’äh de l’Amazonie, Maîtres des Savoirs, racontés par Renato Athias https://vimeo.com/412319069 mot de pass est Bihit

sincerly Mina Rad

Mina Rad Filmmaker / World Cultural Diversity Production contact@minrad.fr 0611991577 minarad.fr Colloque Pierre Perrault 1 514 775 56 92

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