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Message posted on 06/01/2021

Online Conference: The Art of Video (in) Research - 14 & 15 January 2021

Dear colleagues

The Institute for the Performing Arts at Zurich University of the Arts kindly invites you to the online conference:

THE ART OF VIDEO (IN) RESEARCH 14 & 15 of January 2021 ZOOM - The link will be shared upon registration.

Video and film have been a crucial part of research in various fields like ethnography, sport science and behavioural sciences, also increasingly in the field of artistic research. With the rise of digitalization and video platforms, their whole potential starts to unfold as ways to generate new knowledge, to share results and to challenge traditional, text-based forms of publication. Videos are present in every step of research – from video abstracts to data collection, data analysis, interpretation, publication and the presentation of research. How will this scenario change the way we generate new knowledge? Will it influence the way we perceive and reflect on performative acts? Can a video (or an annotated video) be the sole output of an academic investigation? How will it change the way we share and challenge new knowledge with other researchers and with the public? How can we build up trustworthiness within video-based research and how can we validate it?

Research in some fields such as artistic research, might be at the beginning of a long-term transformation from text-based to enhanced, multi-medial practices of research. The interplay of audio-visual material and language/text has already generated new formats such as video essays or annotated videos and will presumably lead to more formats, that will reshape our thinking. They will enable new ways of looking at and reflecting on performative practices like theatre, dance and performance, fostering particular modes of understanding tacit, embodied and performative knowledges that may help researchers arrive at fresh insights. Last but not least, new ways of publishing are on the horizon that might remix video and text, possibly altering hierarchies, turning video into the primary media and text into the secondary.

The conference will take a close look at current practices of video (in) research and technological innovations, including video annotation and machine learning. It will present results of our own project ‘Research Video’ (2017-20) and propose a critical discussion about possible futures that involve video in the research spectrum. The focus will be on artistic research, but we also strive to learn from related disciplines and will take a broader view.

Gunter Lösel, principal investigator of the project ‘Research Video’

‘Research Video’ is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), led by Gunter Lösel (Institute for the Performing Arts and Film) and Martin Zimper (Cast / Audiovisual Media). The conference is held by the Institute for the Performing Arts and Film (IPF) / Department of Performing Arts and Film (DDK), and Cast / Audiovisual Media / Department of Design (DDE), Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK).

Information and registration: https://www.zhdk.ch/en/event/43825

— — Zürcher Hochschule der Künste Zurich University of the Arts — Léa Klaue Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin Cast / Audiovisual Media Departement Design — Toni-Areal, Pfingstweidstrasse 96 Postfach, CH-8031 Zürich Telefon +41 79 387 50 26 — www.zhdk.ch cast.zhdk.ch

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