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Message posted on 10/02/2021

International Ethnographic Film Festival OKO: Call for Submissions

International Ethnographic Film Festival OKO: Call for Submissions

On September 11-18, 2021, the second edition of the OKO International Ethnographic Film Festival will take place in the southern Ukrainian region of Bessarabia. OKO is an ethnographic and anthropological documentary film festival, where viewers can feel the heartbeat of small and large nations, dwellers of villages and cities. It is an event where filmmakers, folklorists, anthropologists, and ethnographers will be able to better understand each other, share ideas, and agree on future cooperation.

Due to the pandemic, the first edition of the festival took place online. Organizers received more than 800 applications and formed a unique program that showcased traditions, religions, and big and small nations all over the world.

The festival was founded by Tetiana Stanieva, a citizen of Ukraine with Bulgarian ethnicity. Tetiana graduated as a folklorist and became a film director.

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