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Message posted on 18/05/2021

NORDA - Barraca Transfronteriza

Dear list,

I want to share an audiovisual project with you which I'm part of as visual antropologist and I wanted to ask you for support as we're currently looking for founds in order to realize this collective project : 'NORDA' is an independent fiction-documentary film about the experiences of African migrants in their attempt to reach Europe, aiming to show the difficulties of migration through the life experiences of the actors and actresses themselves. It's a self-organized production realized by a diverse group of non-whites and allies living in and between Morocco and Spain, all of us are committed to the social struggle for freedom of movement, our work focuses on the Morroco/Spain border. Our intention with this film is to raise awareness and to create and bring visibility to new narratives about migration and migrants.

At the moment we are running a goteo campaign to be able to realize this filmproject with decent resources and in order to renumerate the so-called self-actors who participate in this project, most of them are currently living in the borderzones of Morocco. We have 11 days left until the goteo campaign runs out and we would like to reach the optimum of this so that we can prepare and execute the whole shooting in July. Please have a look at this link to find more information about the filmproject, donate what you can or wish  and most important please forward this e-mail to your networks, collectives and to anyone to whom it may be of interest.

https://en.goteo.org/project/norda (ENG)

https://fr.goteo.org/project/norda (FR)

https://www.goteo.org/project/norda (ES)

Thank you for reading this. If you have any questions, comments or anything else you want to share don't hesitate to get in touch with us via our website or via social media





All the best,


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