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Pathways to Reconnection : Roundtable Discussion & Online Exhibit (VMA : G11)

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Collaborators,

We are excited and humbled to invite you to a very special event, and hope this email finds you well.

You are invited to a Roundtable Discussion (online) with the exhibitors behind the Pathways to Reconnection.

Pathways to Reconnection : Roundtable Discussion Thursday 8th July, 2021 16:00 / 4.00pm (CET / Berlin time) Join Us : Or live stream :

Featuring : Annabel Shewring, Charlotte Ernst, Christian S. Tröndle, Cleo Wächter, Romina Hendlin, Tatiana Lopez and Y-ul Suh.

Online Exhibition (June 12 — July 12) :

Pathways To Reconnection is an invitation to notice, appreciate and learn about the different spaces, stories and webs of meanings that exist in our world. These anthropologically informed visual works look into ubiquitous questions through the experiences of specific communities around the globe. Questions of meaning and temporality arise in ways that may allow you to question your own webs of meaning. We inquire how one finds ways to overlay the past and the present, traversing spaces both real and imagined. Wandering through this virtual space we invite you to peek into the lives of sentient beings, materialities and those that tie us all together.

This virtual exhibition is part of the 2021 Graduation of the Visual and Media Anthropology Masters Program (FU Berlin). It features work from students of the MA programs 11th generation.

It will be an absolute pleasure to all come together and celebrate and discuss and connect …

Till then,

As the eagle flies…

Pathways to Reconnection Team

A HUGE congratulations to all of the team behind the Pathways to Reconnection Exhibition ! Looking forward to (re)connecting...

Blake Paul Kendall +49) 0157 843 962 85 Berlin, Deutschland & HKMW

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