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TWO 2-3 year POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS at Aarhus University: Heart Openings

Dear all,

With this email I am sending you the announcement of two 2-3 year postdoctoral positions in the HEART OPENINGS project focusing on the cultivation and experience of love in religious and contemplative traditions.

The project is funded by the European Research Council (ERC-STG) and is planned to be conducted over five years in collaboration with Buddhists, Christians and Muslims in Denmark, Nepal, Papua New Guinea and Egypt (and possibly also including additional contemplative communities in other parts of the world).

Using audiovisual and microphenomenological methods, HEART OPENINGS will examine in detail the sensory and emotional structures of concrete experiences of love. Through participant observation and life history interviews, the project will examine and compare how the cultivation and experiences of love impact and emerge from peoples everyday lives across different contemplative and religious traditions.

Deadline for applications is SEPTEMBER 15, 2021. Earliest starting date is FEBRUARY 1, 2022, but could also be later. ostdoctoral-positions-the-experience-and-cultivation-of-love-in-religious-and -contemplative-traditions-the-department-of-anthropology-and-the-interacting- minds-centre-aarhus-university?fbclid=IwAR2Zslq1uGZz4siRGJopWKP4W7SfiPsgeDEhy CepYYV5qvOSLwR4I-n-l_4

For further information please contact me on

Best wishes, Christian

Christian Suhr Filmmaker and Associate Professor Coordinator of the EYE & MIND MSc Track in Visual Anthropology Department of Anthropology, Aarhus University Moesgaard, 8270 Hoejbjerg, Denmark Email:, Tel: +45 31600031

CURRENT PROJECT PI, ERC-STG: Heart openings: The cultivation and experience of love in Buddhism, Christianity and Islam (2021-26)

RECENT BOOKS Descending with angels: Islamic exorcism and psychiatry (Manchester University Press 2019) Nr medierne stter dagsordenen (Djf forlag 2021)

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