Message posted on 09/09/2021

Welcome to Nafa in Lisboa

*40º NAFA | *INTERNATIONAL ETHNOGRAPHIC FILM FESTIVAL LISBOA, SET. 29 - OUT. 2 | 2021 Museu Nacional de Etnologia, Lisboa, Portugal


We welcome you all to the 40th NAFA International Ethnographic Film Festival that will kickstart on the 29th of September with a series of seminars about the relations between cinema and anthropology, followed by the usual and much anticipated 3 days of film screenings with the presence of the filmmakers.

Let’s celebrate Autumn in Lisbon by enjoying the opportunity to come together again and share the enthusiasm we have for discussing ethnographic filmmaking.

Our venue, the Museu Nacional de Etnologia, is located close to one of the most well known and most beautiful areas of Lisbon (Belém) and it has been a recurrent home to some of the most important debates around anthropology, film and art. There, we will be able to put into action the main ethos of NAFA’s FESTIVAL: to get together, discuss and exchange ideas and projects among a a group of enthusiasts of anthropology, film and ethnography.

Please join us in Lisbon and in the meanwhile visit our pages on social media. NAFA Instangram NAFA Facebook Check the program and all the details at our website!

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