Message posted on 18/10/2021

Public voting for my ethnographic documentary "Barcelona - A Welcoming CIty" - please support us!


I hope you’re all well! My documentary “Barcelona - A Welcoming City“ has been nominated at the MAX Diversity Festival in Bruselas as finalist and the winner is gonna be chosen by a public voting - I would be delighted if you could support us with your vote, I promise it wont take more than a minute ✨

You just need to go on the festivals homepage and confirm your vote via a link that they send you to your e-mail. Please feel free to check out the trailer and the proper documentary as well, which are now avaible on the festivals website in Spanish with English subtitles:

Thank you very mucho for your support. If you have any questions, comments or any other things to talk about please get in touch at Thank you.

All the best,


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