Message posted on 22/11/2021

Final CfP: Zines and self-publishing in Chinese cultures [Online: Jan 14th and 21st]

Zines and self-publishing in Chinese cultures

Date: January 14th and 21st

Time: 09:00 - 17:00 GMT

Format: Online, but we can help organise regional clusters for those who wish to take part communally and offline

Submission Deadline: November 26th [Extended: December 3rd]


Submission: Full CfP: Output: A special issue in the British Journal of Chinese Studies

Theme: A two-day conference exploring zines and self-publishing in Chinese cultures. The conference encourages submissions from any intellectual, academic or artistic perspective, and we further encourage contributions that explore zines and self-publishing related to feminist perspectives and LGBTQI+ themes. Zines, often forms of do-it-yourself self-published booklets, were thought by many to be a potential casualty of the digital age. Rather than losing their relevance, zines have re-emerged as a profound, powerful, and intimate form of story-telling, information sharing and artistic practice. Yet, while zines are increasingly popular, published research on zines in Chinese cultures is still limited. This is surprising, as zines in Chinese cultures have been used to tell many academically relevant stories, including stories of protest, migrant lives, diasporic thought, racism, food cultures, gender inequality and LGBTQI+ struggles. This conference seeks to stimulate conversations a nd research directions on zines and self-publishing in Chinese cultures and to bring together academics and non-academics to encourage future collaboration.

As an emerging area of research, the conference is not limited to 'experts' in any field, we seek to bring interested parties together to imagine new possibilities. This may include, but is definitely not limited to, (i) those researching zines related to Chinese cultures, (ii) scholars of zines more broadly, (iii) scholars of self-published and/or feminist media related to Chinese cultures, (iv) those teaching about zines and self-published media and (v) those producing zines and self-published media. To help discuss these issues we have several academic and non-academics already confirmed as taking part in the conference, including Little Mountain Press, Zine Coop, Krish Raghav, Rosemary Clark-Parsons, Melanie Ramdarshan Bold, Hongwei Bao, Dian Dian, Kirsty Fife, Denise Kwan and Kin Long Tong

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