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Keynote by Paolo SH Favero

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This e-mail is an invite for the Keynote by Paolo SH Favero, entitled Journ= eys of life, love and death: reflections on =93expanded ethnographic=94 met= hods of collaboration in an existential field. It will be on Zoom, on Monda= y 29th November, 4pm CET/ 3pm GMT. The keynote is part of the AGENET Slow O= nline Conference. The conference is free but registration required under th= is link (scroll down the linked page to find the registration form): https:= //

Keynote Abstract:

Paolo SH Favero

Journeys of life, love and death: reflections on =93expanded ethnographic= =94 methods of collaboration in an existential field

This keynote offers a reflection on the journey that I have conducted over = the last few years around the topic of death. The journey started off in It= aly, with a personal story of grief and separation that triggered off the n= eed for an inward journey. Suddenly it forced me to direct my gaze outwardl= y. So, I moved to Delhi, to explore the experiences of ageing, dying and lo= ss of humans living in retirement homes and shelters. All along this journe= y, art-based practices and emerging audio-visual/sensory tools, and techniq= ue have been my allies. They have enabled intimate insights into the existe= ntial dilemmas of my fieldwork interlocutors. This presentation will be abo= ut these emergent collaborative audio-visual/sensory approaches, and their = crucial role in creating ethnographic relations and stories of life, love a= nd death. Enlarging the reach of my sensory and affective capabilities, the= audio-visual, sensory methods, tools and practices that I engaged with, ha= ve provided me with a form of =93expanded ethnography=94. In strong contras= t to popular understandings, this modality of work did not foreground mere = documentation and representation but rather enabled constant co-reographin= g and co-presencing. When offering insights into the destinies of my field = interlocutors, I will also address the ethics of shared exposure (and of ca= re) that characterizes most of the contacts I have had in the field. I will= explore the implications of using my own story and emotions in such exchan= ges.

More about the Keynote here: ns-on-expanded-ethnographic-methods-of-collaboration-in-an-existential-fiel= d-keynote-by-professor-paolo-favero/

Best, Barbara Pieta and Matthew Lariviere

Convenor of the European Association of Social Anthropologists' Age and Ge= nerations Network

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