Message posted on 08/12/2021

New website on the project about María Lionza

Dear colleagues,

As some of you already know, during the last 15 years I have been conducting anthropological research on the role of images and visuality within the cult of María Lionza, a religious practice native from Venezuela.

This research has been carried out through visual methods and has led to several outcomes.

I am currently starting a new research project (ERC-Consolidator Grant, see below). It is for this reason that I have decided to gather all the material related to María Lionza in a website in order to make it accessible for a large audience. Most of the scientific publications are in open-access.

Among other materials, in this website you will have the opportunity to watch the films I have made on this topic, to make a virtual visit to the exhibition I curated in Barcelona, to read some of the articles that I have written on this theme, and to have a glimpse on the participatory website I ran during 4 years.

Here is the website:

Do not hesitate to share this message with your colleagues and friends working on: Visual Anthropology & Multi-modal Anthropology; Lationamerican and Caribbean studies (especially African-American Culture); Religion & Ritual.

Feel free to use it in your seminars.

By the way, the book A Goddess in Motion. Visual Creativity in the Cult of María Lionza (Berghahn Books, 2017) will be published in paperback in January 2022. You can order it from the website.

Thank you for your interest,

best regards from Barcelona,


Dr. Roger Canals (Phd) / Associate Professor PI ERC-Consolidator Grant: Visual Trust. Reliability, accountability and forgery in scientific, religious and social images (2021-2026) Anthropologist and Filmmaker University of Barcelona Department of Social Anthropology C/Montalegre 6, 08001, Barcelona. Office 2012 Tel: (0034)934037751

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