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Reminder CFF: Riga Pasaules Film Festival 2022

Friends and colleagues,

A reminder that the Call for Films for the Riga Pasaules Film Festival closes on the 19th December, next week.

See details below:


If the documentary’s vocation towards the truth is not merely to represent it, but in engaging the viewer beyond the film frame, what formal strategies make such endeavours fruitful?

The curating team of the 2022 Riga Pasaules Film Festival is calling for submissions that address healing.

We are interested in curating a film programme that deals with experiences of reconnection and renewal, and focuses on the transformative capacity of cinema and to the ways in which film-making encourages practises of commensality. Our approach is informed by traditions that consider healing as an individual and collective process that seeks to re-establish severed attachments. We welcome cinematic stories about cooperation, resilience, regained agency, decolonial practises, processes of political reconciliation and forgiveness.

We are also interested in submissions in which the healing process is an integral part of film-making through, for example, re-enactments, interventions and other performative engagements. Healing, in this instance, speaks to the intimate constellation of performative, physical, and discursive practises that expand onto social, political, and economic spheres.

The 2022 RPFF edition will be the festival’s 9th edition and is scheduled from the 28th April to 1st May 2022 at Kino Bize in central Riga. The Call for Films will be open until the 19th December 2021 and the programme will be announced in April 2022.

For the particulars on the submission process visit our FilmFreeway page:

NB: RPFF 2022 has a 3 EUR submission fee.

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The RPFF team

Carlo A. Cubero, PhD Department of Social & Cultural Anthropology

School of Humanities 5 Uus Sadama #314 Tallinn, Estonia 10120 Riga Pasaules Film Festival

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