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Care and Images- CfP RAIFF 2023

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The call for the RAI Film Festival 2023 online conference is now open. If your work involves thinking about images and care, illness, ageing, death and/or healing, please consider submitting your abstract to our panel Care and Images: Speculative Futures of Care as Visual Practice. The call closes on 31 October 2022, and the online conference will be held 6-10 March 2023. Submissions and more info here: Best regards, Barbara Pieta and Paolo S.H. Favero

Long Abstract: Care and Images: Speculative Futures of Care as Visual Practice Convenors: Barbara Pieta (Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology) and Paolo S. H. Favero (University of Antwerp) Anthropologists increasingly think of care as a speculative practice, involving activity that is more-than-human. Plants, microbes, animals, water and soil as well as technologies, ghosts, songs, and images are now recognized as agents of care. Caring has broken away from previous oversimplified associations with protection, affect and doing good as well as from fixed notions of personhood and individualized non-permeable bodies. Our common futures are now understood as being anchored in the capacity to reimagine and responsibly intervene in current relations of more-than-human care. This panel will interrogate these efforts to reimagine care. We will ask how care is or can be related to imagination and more broadly to imagistic (technology- assisted) practices embedded in multisensory experience. If care and vision are intertwined, in what past and current regimes are these intertwinements grounded and what futurities do they generate or limit? How, and to what extent, can images and image-making transform the power asymmetries and epistemological tensions that shape the experiences of illness, healing, ageing, caregiving, care-receiving or death in the multispecies world? If images or visual technologies can be phenomenological lenses through which we "open up" care, what new possible (or existing but marginalized) meanings emerge? Finally, to what extent are both emic and anthropological image-making shaped by ethics of care? We invite ethnographically-inspired contributions and experiments that allow us to think with and beyond these questions. By doing so, w e hope to probe the potential and limits of care as an embodied visual (research) practice. More on the RAIFF2023 Conference under this link:

PhD Candidate@ Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology (Department 'Integration and Conflict')

Advokatenweg 36, D-06114 Halle/Saale

Co-Convenor @ European Association of Social Anthropologists' Age and Generations Network

Recently published:

Pieta, B. (2020) "Differently Young and Non Autosufficienti. Managing Old-Age Stigma in a Senior Center". In:

J. Sokolovsky (ed.) Cultural Context of Aging. Worldwide Perspectives, 4th edition. ABC Clio, Santa Barbara

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