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Cfp: Panel for AAA: Mobilities and Migration: Between visuality and (in)visibility

Mobilities and Migration: Between visuality and (in)visibility

Panel proposal for AAA Conference, Toronto, November 15-19, 2023. Panel convenors: Mari Korpela & Piotr Goldstein

Anthropologists have studied human mobilities for a long time and from various perspectives. Mobility can refer, among other things, to people’s transnational movements or to local everyday mobilities. Some of these mobilities are visible, while others are not, and even when a certain mobility is visible, its particular aspects often remain hidden or unknown. Sometimes, this resonates with the (problematic) division between “legal” and clandestine mobilities. and sometimes, it is the opposite: “legal” mobilities may be relatively invisible while clandestine mobilities become highly visible, for example, in the media. Many anthropologists use visual and other sensory methods to study mobilities: at times focusing on being on the move - on the transitions - while on other occasions focusing on the immobile situations during mobility. This panel seeks to investigate visible and invisible mobilities, their visible and invisible aspects, and the ways in which we try to “visualize” them – aiming to facilitate their understanding and make them more visible and recognized. We invite methodological and contextual papers that discuss (im)mobilities, visuality and (in)visibility.

If interested in joining the panel please send your 250-word abstract by 19 March to panel convenors: Mari Korpela - and Piotr Goldstein -


Dr Piotr Goldstein

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