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Subject: CFP: Material subjectivities and artistic expression in visual anthropology

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Dear Colleagues,

Please consider submitting a paper proposal to the following panel organised
by Royal Anthropological Institute and SOAS, UK on "Art, Materiality and

P024 Material subjectivities and artistic expression in visual

Deadline for proposals: 08 January 2018

Short abstract
Radical artistic expression in visual anthropology holds the potential to
develop visual ethnographic representations beyond the paradigm of
voyeur/exotic 'other'. Can artistic expression, digital technologies,
participatory visual methods intertwine and further decolonise visual

Long abstract

This panel considers how respecting the diverse material subjectivities of
those we research with in visual ethnographic representations can coincide
with radical artistic expression from an anthropological perspective. The
visual anthropologist as 'voyeur' and 'medium', ready to exoticise an 'other',
has gradually been replaced by the understanding that the images we create are
representations of other worlds, seen through the "ethnographer's eye". A
re-thinking of visual anthropology's methods emerged in response to critique
of the ethnographer's control over the image and its narrative. This coincided
with the emergence of visual media technologies that were portable,
inexpensive and accessible, such as mobile phone cameras. The accompanying
participatory visual methods have also been key in moves to de-colonise
anthropology through ethnographic practice. Both are critical to the
exploration of artistic forms of expression. They create new subjectivities,
as the distinction between filmmaker/photographer/anthropologist and the
'subject' blur. New technologies and methods that take the camera out of the
hands of the anthropologist also promise to dismantle the point-and-shoot
paradigm as the ethnographer too is drawn into the image and captured 'in
action'. This panel explores these changes in visual anthropology and examines
the material practices through which a de-colonialised, participatory visual
anthropology emerges. It raises the potential opportunities for
anthropologists and those we research with, to develop new narrative forms and
artistic expressions. The question is, can visual anthropology transition
further into art while maintaining a consideration for culturally distinct,
emic alternatives to established modes of ethnographic visual storytelling?

The Art, Materiality and Representation conference will be held 1 to 3 June
2018 at the British Museum, Clore Centre and SOAS, Senate House.

All proposals must be made via the online form that can be found on each panel

Proposals should consist of a paper title, a (very) short abstract of <300
characters and an abstract of 250 words. On submission the proposal, the
proposing author (but not any co-authors listed) will receive automated email
confirming receipt. If you do not receive this email, please first check the
login environment (click login on the left on the conference website) to see
if your proposal is there. If it is, it simply means confirmation got spammed
or lost; and if it is not, it means you need re-submit, as process went wrong

Other useful information for after you've proposed your paper
While the call is open, paper authors can use the login link in the menu on
the left to edit their proposals. Co-authors cannot be added/removed nor can
papers be withdrawn through this environment - please email
admin@therai.org.uk to do this.

Notifications of acceptance are estimated to be complete by late February

Best regards,

Rebekah Cupitt

Department of Media Technology and Interaction Design
School of Computer Science and Communication
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
100 44 Stockholm
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